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COUNTERPRESS | Structure of a University
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The Structure of a University: Instrumentalism, Idealism, and Community

Soo Tian Lee
Birkbeck, University of London

This book rethinks the history of higher education in the United Kingdom after the Second World War. It explores three distinct perspectives — instrumentalism, idealism, and community — a triadic structure that opens the way to a heterodox reading of the postwar British university. This structure draws upon Kojin Karatani’s work on the ‘triad of concepts’ and is developed through a ‘trans-genealogical’ methodology inspired by the historical-philosophical approaches of Michel Foucault and Karatani himself. To deal with the co-existence of these three perspectives, the book focuses on the idea of vocation and concludes with a plea for a university that is both oriented to the future and engaged in the now.

Expected 29 April 2018 (Notify when available)