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COUNTERPRESS | The Other Critical Legal Studies
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The Other Critical Legal Studies

Matthew Stone (University of Essex)
Daniel Matthews (University of Hong Kong)
Illan rua Wall (University of Warwick)

A critical interrogation of the law’s complicity with neoliberalism, capital, patriarchy and other hegemonies has a palpable sense of urgency in today’s global political climate. In seeking to trace the founding energy and dynamism of such critique, Matthews, Stone and Wall examine the theoretical and political milieu of the eighties and early nineties, from which a tenuously “British” (and emphatically un-American) Critical Legal Studies movement emerged. Analysing the often fraught relationship between critical legal thought and the academy, the authors address the trajectories, splits and schisms of those early days, and the potential that underlay the nexus between radical politics, continental philosophy and the study of law. This project, the first of its kind, unearths the theoretical commitments, political orientations and institutional experimentation of this generation of radical academics. Whilst acknowledging that this so-called “BritCrit movement” always resisted tradition and eschewed any fixed identity, the book explores the common concerns and anxieties in this other critical legal studies. It also debunks the torpid myth that all radical legal critique died alongside the dull personality politics of its North American counterpart.

Expected 2016/17 (Notify when available)

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