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COUNTERPRESS | Introduction to Critical Finance Law
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Introduction to Critical Finance Law

Stephen Connelly
Assistant Professor of Law at the University of Warwick

This work brings to bear on the law-finance nexus a range of critical theoretical tools to produce surprising and stimulating results. While aimed at final year undergraduate and postgraduate students of law, economics, and sociology, the broad theoretical sweep of these lectures (bringing in thinkers such as Chrysippos, Deleuze, Epicuros, Feuerbach, Freud, Keynes, Luhmann, Lukàcs, Marx, Nietzsche, Simmel, and Spinoza), and the omnipresence of finance (and its law) in our world, will make this text a valuable resource for anyone turning their minds to the current conjuncture.

Indicative contents:

1. Tools of analysis; 2. Debt obligations and social meaning; 3. Finance’s self-liberation and the particularity of finance law; 4. Marx on finance’s relation to time and space; 5. Nothing, or financial uncertainty; 6. Systemic synthesis of meaning and nothing; 7. Finance, desire, and ‘life’; 8. The concept of finance and its law.

Expected 2016/17 (Notify when available)

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