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Being and Aim

COUNTERPRESS provides scholars of critical theory, critical legal theory, and of the ‘critical humanities’ more generally with a radical alternative to traditional book publishers.

In addition to high quality print books set at low price points, we offer downloadable e-versions on a pay-what-you-can basis. Importantly, we allow those unable to pay to still access the work. All e-books carry a creative commons licence to promote more open access.

While COUNTERPRESS needs to sell books to sustain itself, our aim is not to maximize profit. On the contrary, we are committed to publishing books accessible to all regardless of personal wealth.


We set up COUNTERPRESS in 2013 as a ‘counter’ to the privatizing of academic knowledge, the spiralling cost of academic books, the feral profiteering of big academic publishers, the overbearing reliance on copyright, and the unfair access restrictions to learning materials in a world of uneven globalization. Though fully independent, COUNTERPRESS is a natural extension to our successful sister-blog, Critical Legal Thinking (CLT), whose aim has been to contribute to the dissemination of the techniques of critical (legal) theory to the public at large. A blog post is available on CLT ‘Introducing Counterpress‘ and, for a deeper understanding of the spirit behind our intervention, please also read on CLT: ‘Counterpress and Critical Legal Strategy‘.


Our focus is on publishing titles that contribute critical theoretical engagements with the world, with an emphasis on treating political, juridical, social, aesthetic, etc, concerns in a trans- or para-disciplinary manner.


All proposals undergo a review process drawing upon an international network of academics. Our quality benchmark is set very high. To submit a proposal or other query, please contact us.


Dr Illan rua Wall
Dr Stephen Connelly
Dr Gilbert Leung

Counterpress Limited is a company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales with number 8705891 and having its registered address at 16 Percy Street, Oxford OX4 3AA. Statutory information is filed with England & Wales Companies House.

As a data processor Counterpress Limited is regulated by the UK’s Information Commissioner. Further details can by found in our Privacy Policy.